Weekly office cookies for your viewing and/or eating pleasure.

Sep 22

I made this recipe up myself.  I was a little worried, because I know from all those cooking show people that “baking is a science”, and that just mixing stuff up often yields less than desirable results.  But screw all those guys, I’m a MAD scientist!  I’m talking to you, ALTON BROWN, WITH YOUR SIDEWAYS SMIRK AND YOUR LITTLE “SMART GUY” GLASSES.  

I’m being a bit disingenuous, though.  I don’t think these would’ve turned out very well if I hadn’t made a few types of sable cookies and shortbreads in this same manner.  So yeah, I kinda knew what I was doing.  But as superheroes and (I assume) Alton Brown say: “With great knowledge comes great responsiblity.”  Even though that has nothing to do with what’s going on here.  What was I talking about?

The shortbread is crisp and buttery, but once you spread it with the jam the middle softens a bit.  So when you serve them, the outside of the shortbread will still be a little crunchy but the middle will be soft and jammy.

Also, a few variations on this, just in case you’re really into gilding lilies:
You could toast the oats before grinding them for a nuttier flavor, or I suppose you could substitute a ½ cup of finely-chopped toasted nuts for some of the oats.
You don’t have to use blueberries for the jam.  I used them because it was requested, but almost any fruit would be delicious, I bet.
Justin’s gal, Chris, suggested dipping these in white chocolate. Sounds good to me! Ooh ooh!  You could dip in chocolate, then dip in toasted nuts.  That might be going too far.
I am not a chocolatier.  I would’ve loved to correctly temper this chocolate to create a perfect shiny coating, but I was lazy.  Here’s a link to how to do that.

Chocolate-dipped Oat Shortbread with Fresh Blueberry Jam:  Fresh and homey, but looks impressive. Good for guests or gifts, not a spur-of-the-moment cookie.

Out of Five Stars:
Recipe: ★★★★★
Skill in Execution: ★★★★—(I could’ve trimmed the dough or dipped them less lazily)
Taste of Finished Cookie: ★★★★★