Weekly office cookies for your viewing and/or eating pleasure.

Sep 3

Okay, you guys.  This is not the most auspicious beginning to The Cookie Project, though I did learn a few things.  Firstly, bar cookie recipes are slightly more difficult to double than regular cookie recipes.  Secondly, any time a topping layer needs to “set” it’ll probably take at least an hour, if not more.  Related note to self: don’t fall asleep and wake up at 5AM to make cookies—not as fun.  Also to myself, don’t refer to cookies as looking “turdy”, because I guess people don’t really like to think of food as turds for some crazy reason.  “These look like poop. Bon appetit!”

The set bars are way more tasty and visually appealing.  I think I’ll start writing little tag lines for each of the cookies I make.  Here goes: 

Peanut Butter Bars:  They taste like no-bake cookies, only they take a lot longer and you have to bake them. 

Out of Five Stars:
Recipe: ★★★
Skill in Execution: ★★
Taste of Finished Cookie: ★★★